Apprenticeships: What is an e-portfolio & what are the benefits?


What is an e-portfolio?

An e-portfolio is defined as ‘a collection of electronic evidence gathered and managed by a user as an alternative to paper-based portfolios.

An e-portfolio is effectively the digital equivalent of a paper portfolio, but the term often refers to the additional tools with the electronic alternative. The days of apprentices and teaching staff carrying around hard copies of their paper portfolios are gone. Instead, they now come with an array of benefits such as the facility to upload it to a secure server, where information can be managed, accessed, and reviewed by the learners, tutor, assessor, managers and employers (Employer dashboard only on Smart Assessor).

However, e-portfolio functionality does not stop there. the e-portfolios of today are used for far more than just evidence storage, they are re-imagining modern apprenticeship delivery; through use of virtual conference rooms for reviews & check-ins, virtual learning environments, electronic forms, gateway checklists, electronic ILPs and much more. There are many benefits of using an e-portfolio for your apprenticeship provision, we highlight a few below.


Five benefits of using an e-portfolio for apprenticeships.


1.    Accessibility & Flexibility

E-Portfolios are super accessible, the same simplicity as logging onto your favourite social media site or checking your bank account. E-portfolios can be accessed from anywhere, at any time from any device. Learners and assessors no longer need to trawl through endless paperwork and folders to review & complete work, information is readily available while the need to travel to campus to complete, mark or submit work, is eradicated. With an e-portfolio like Smart Assessor, it can be accessed offline to add evidence, add off the job time, submit forms and much more which will then synchronise when connected to the internet.


2.    Security & Quality

Data is secure, protected and encrypted.  An apprentice’s E-portfolios cannot be lost or destroyed, unlike its paper counterpart. E-portfolios such as Smart Assessor enable your organisation to be audit ready, with secure data encryption, electronic signatures and many more features to keep you compliant.


3.    Return on Investment

An electronic portfolio can reimagine your apprenticeship delivery, removing paper entirely from your process, saving huge costs on stationary, printing, equipment, and substantial administration costs. Through use of Smart Rooms, reviews that usually take place face-to-face can now be done remotely! Performing less frequently site visits and more online reviews will streamline processes substantially and add huge savings on travel and time!


4.    Engagement

Learners who have access to an e-portfolio rather than a paper portfolio will have more involvement with their apprenticeship through increased access and availability, leading to higher engagement levels with their course.


5.    Enhance teaching, learning and assessment practices.

Using an e-portfolio in your apprenticeship provision will enhance the quality of teaching and learning. Learners will be able to learn from a variety of learning styles to suit them, while teaching staff and managers will use the system daily and will become part of their daily life. Organisations using Smart Assessor have been known to share best practice to maximise the experience.


These are just five of the benefits an e-portfolio can bring, there are dozens more, to find out more about how an e-portfolio can benefit your organisation, click here.


Using an e-portfolio like Smart Assessor brings an abundance of features including apprenticeship standards, electronic forms, digital signatures, offline apps, smart web conference rooms, digital evidence library, online resources, learner-centric activities, online interactive learning plan, employer dashboard, gateway manager, course templates, internal quality assurance sampling plans, review scheduler, skills scan, progress maps, and many more rich features to help you deliver outstanding apprenticeships.

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