Many apprenticeship providers will now be familiar with an eportfolio software, using it to track, monitor and deliver their apprenticeships with ease. When providers apply for RoATP, they are now required to state what system they will use to deliver their training, making eportfolios the obvious choice.

Eportfolios make delivering apprenticeships a breeze – learners, assessors and tutors can access their portfolio anytime, anywhere and evidence is easily uploaded. Smart Assessor offers features exclusive to us – integrated Smart rooms, a well-being area for learners and single-sign-on access to our virtual learning environment (SmartVLE).

With other eportfolio’s out there on the market, don’t take our word for why we’re the best – believe our customers. Those who continue to use us year on year, whilst we support their growth and create a streamlined learner journey for their apprentices.

“Smart Assessor has given us far more opportunities to streamline our processes and increased efficiency across the team with aspects such as enrolment, paperless form filling etc. Some of these functions were available in other e-portfolios, but we could never make them work, not through lack of trying or asking for help.” – Dave Lee, Heart of Worcestershire College

“When benchmarked with alternative suppliers, Smart Assessor met the requirements more clearly and trustingly.” Yolanda Dobson – TUI

Smart Assessor is part of an innovative suite of technologies from Smart Apprentices. With over 10 years’ experience and employees who previously worked within the sector (some having used Smart Assessor from a client-side), we know how to build a successful learner journey with you, supporting you through Ofsted inspections, from recruitment through to end point assessment.

To find out why clients choose our eportfolio to manage their apprenticeships, why not book a short consultation with our Strategic Partnership Consultant Kieran here

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