Achievement rates for apprenticeships have fallen consistently over the last two years, failing to hit 60%. The data shows that one of the main reasons for the fall is the new style ‘standards’ courses: ‘Old-style frameworks, which are being phased out, hit a 67.8 per cent achievement rate, but the new-style standards only achieved 58.7 per cent’.

But other factors like the pandemic, working from home and unstable economic conditions have also played their part lowering pass rates, and creating a tough environment for FE providers.

There are steps you can take to give apprentices a leg up and mitigate the risk of failed EPA’s and broken employer relationships.

Smart Apprentices gives you complete control over the delivery model of your apprentice program. You can create a structured curriculum, with your employer and mirror the objectives of your EPA through your course, and much more.

  • Our Smart VLE platform lets you create courses, mock end point assessments, assign modules and add criteria level. Tailor the delivery of your course to reflect EPA objectives.
  • Our Smart Assessor milestone tracker allows you to create milestones that track a learner’s progress against EPA objectives, or bespoke targets set by you.
  • Our Smart Assessor gateway checklists let you review your learners EPA readiness ahead of assessments, with three-way access for learners, employers and assessors everyone’s got visibility over a learners readiness.

Download our tip sheet: Transform your EPA learner success rate to learn more about how Smart Apprentices can help transform your learner success rates.

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