Following on from Rishi Sunak’s announcement regarding the government investing £111 million into the traineeship scheme. Forming part of the economic recovery plan, the scheme aims to triple the number of people taking part in pre-employment programmes.

The Education and Skills Funding Agency will shortly be launching a tender to widen the provider base for adult traineeships, however, plans regarding 16 to 18 traineeships have not been finalised yet. Additionally, no launch date has been penned for 19 to 24 traineeships, although they will be procured through the adult education budget.

FEweek reports the ESFA has released details about identifying providers with the capacity to quickly start delivering high-quality traineeships, through a ‘ring-fenced contract for service’. Tender for the new scheme will be handled through the Department for Education’s e-sourcing portal.   When the scheme was announced, it was reported that traineeships eligibility would be opened further to encourage participation. The ESFA have announced new flexibilities and opportunities which will strengthen traineeships and widen access for young people. The new flexibilities allow:

  • Young people qualified up to Level 3 (rather than Level 2 previously) are now eligible for a traineeship
  • There is a more flexible work experience offer of minimum 70 hours, with multiple employers if needed (100 hours previously
  • Flexible content and qualifications that prepares trainees for progression to apprenticeships and jobs through a direct line of sight to the occupational standards
  • An increased AEB traineeship learning aim cost of £1500.
  • Employers who offer new traineeship work placements will receive £1,000 per learner (up to ten learners) to support engagement and assist with costs such as the purchase of additional PPE for trainees
  • Traineeships can now last up to 12 months, allowing twice as much time on a programme for those young people with particular needs who need it. Traineeships are still expected to support young people into work as quickly as possible.
  • Traineeships will move young people towards work or an apprenticeship more than ever before.

The ESFA will publish an updated traineeships framework for delivery and funding rules in August.

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