Having access to detailed and up to date data is critical for successful colleges and education providers. Too many are still being held back by clunky, non-intuitive and restrictive systems that are not capable of delivering the information needed in a timely or practical fashion. There are a number of ways that shifting to a connected suite of digital solutions can transform processes and results.

Management data

Securing funding and maintaining funding streams can dominate the management and administration of education provision. Many stakeholders have already adopted new digital technologies that support efficient and effective data management and reporting and expect the same of the education providers they partner with. Colleges cannot afford to get left behind.

Using powerful data management solutions means the right information can be pulled together quickly and easily to create insightful reports to be shared with key stakeholders.

Course data

Having access to data about course delivery and learner successes is key for managers in supporting teaching staff, helping them to understand what is and is not working for their students and enhance the way they shape their sessions to deliver the best learner outcomes.

Individual learning journey

Ultimately, the day to day function of education delivery needs to be student-focused, with the experience of each individual learner a critical element in helping us understand broader trends and outcomes. High quality data about individual learning journeys helps educators identify areas where a student may need more support or require a different approach in order to achieve their own particular goals.

Data security

Education providers hold lots of sensitive personal information, including student and employee contact details and addresses, employee bank details and identity documents. They also have detailed information about people’s learning, their backgrounds and special educational needs as well as records of their performance and achievements. This is the sort of data that can cause immense reputational damage if it falls into the wrong hands. Digital solutions reduce the need for paper files and significantly reduce the risk of things going astray, keeping everything in a ‘single’ secure place from the point of view of the end-user.


At the end of the day, data is just information and it is only as useful as the processes put into place to access and measure it. Data becomes a hugely powerful tool for success when it is used correctly. Education providers amass large quantities of information and it is essential it is used to inform better decision-making and inspire new ways of doing things. Implementing a powerful suite of fully integrated solutions is the way to achieve optimum results. Systems that ‘talk’ to each other can also each contribute to a more detailed and in-depth collection of information that can help transform efficiencies. These provide an opportunity to select from a suite of solutions and add to these as the organisation grows and its needs change, to provide a truly scaleable solution.

Implementing any new system requires careful decision-making, particularly for managers in the Education sector. It makes sense to consider data management systems and services from a solutions provider with experience in the education sector, that understands the pain points, challenges and implications of the changing trends in education management and delivery. A well-resourced solutions company with longevity is more likely to be around and continue to supply developments and enhancements to their solutions in the long-term – a partner that can be counted upon to keep delivering the solutions and support that successful education providers need, now and into the future.

Achieve optimum results at every stage

Connected solutions, with connected data, can make all the difference for colleges. Which is why Smart Apprentices and Advanced are committed to offering the most comprehensive and integrated suite of digital solutions in the education space. Innovative software products that support you on every step of the journey. If you aspire to be an outstanding provider, we can help – with connected solutions covering MIS, ILR management, LMS, ePortfolio, learner monitoring, functional skills, GCSE and much more.

Three powerful, class-leading education solutions – all from Advanced:

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