What is the Employers role in EPA? 

As the switch to framework becomes live in September 2020, employers have a lot more control over apprenticeships as standards come more into play.

Employers now set the standards, fund the training, employ the apprentices and contribute to the decision as to whether the apprentice is ready to take their EPA.

It’s knowing when an apprentice is ready for their end point assessment that some employers find a struggle. That’s where the training providers using Smart Assessor have clarity as to when a learner is ready to take the EPA plunge.

Whilst the EPA comes included in the price of the standard, should a learner have to resit this comes at an extra cost, reason enough to ensure the learner is ready before submitting them to their assessment.


Apprenticeship standards are now employer-led, rather than frameworks that didn’t feature much input from employers, employers are now at the forefront of the standard specifications.

Employer groups develop the standards, choosing what needs to be covered and how the learner should be assessed. This includes any documents that may be useful for guidance, although these are not mandatory.

Standards are formed based on knowledge, skills and behaviours required for the certain job role. The independent end point assessment is then carried out to complete the learners studying.

A list of apprenticeship standards can be found on here 

Employing an apprentice

Once an employer has made the decision to hire an apprentice and sorted their funding, there are different routes to recruit an apprentice.

Employers will need to connect with an organisation from the register of apprenticeship training providers, the apprentice will then be matched with the employer and learning can begin.

The register of apprenticeship training providers can be found here 

Is the apprentice ready for their EPA?

Knowing whether an apprentice is ready for their end point assessment is a tricky task, especially as you never know how an apprentice is going to do on the day.

Smart Assessor has features built in to ensure learners, training providers and employers all know when a learner is ready to pass the gateway through to their end point assessment.

Gateway checklists can be created to follow as well as customised gateways throughout the course to provide mock EPAs. With the assistance of these, everyone involved as clear visibility as to where the learner is, ensuring it is 100% clear when the apprentice is EPA ready.

Smart rooms provide an opportunity to perform mock EPAs from afar, with the chance to emulate an end point assessment panel or presentation through a virtual environment.

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