Instant Connection

One advantage of Smart Rooms is the ability to communicate there and then – no matter where or when two or more people are available. Need to discuss something urgently but can’t get to each other face to face? Jump in a Smart Room. One of you is out of the country but need to meet? Jump in a Smart Room. With Smart Rooms the capabilities for virtual meetings are endless.

Save money

Think how much money you spend paying for staff travel expenses and hotel stays when your assessor’s case load means they spend most of their time out on the road. A round trip 100+ miles away, plus the potential hotel stay, plus the expense of food and drink whilst they’re away and the cost soon adds up.

Save time

Time is of the essence. Think how long assessors and learners spend travelling to see one another, or to their college or training provider. Now picture being able to spend less than 5 minutes setting up a computer or laptop and logging into a Smart Room to conduct the same meeting.


Imagine how much easier it is to showcase resources or documents by sharing screens rather than dragging around paperwork to every meeting. Smart Rooms allow for any documents to be shared virtually during the meeting as well as being able to record the session and refer to it later.

Multiple Participants

Have a few learners stuck on the same topic? Or know several learners would benefit from the same learning style? Why not get them all together in a Smart Room to go through the details, saving time visiting multiple learners and avoiding multiple emails back and forth with a ‘virtual’ face to face meeting for questions and answer time.

Mock EPAs

Looking to perform a mock end point assessment? These can be performed in our virtual Smart Rooms to check gateway readiness of learners – save the worry of learner’s failure by ensuring they are 100% ready for their end point assessment.

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