Power BI Reporting

for Smart Assessor

Power BI is a new feature for Smart Assessor that allows users to query their data in a more effective and streamlined way.

New Feature

Power BI

The PowerBI Dashboard is able to query and display data and run its different reports quickly and efficiently, enabling the user to build queries and slice through your data much faster than our existing report suite. 


High Level Filtering

The new module comes with improved filtering to help users find the data they need more easily. We have added higher level filters that narrow down the options in other filters making it much easier to find what you need, saving time and effort. 

Drill Down Into Your Data

Not only have we made it easier to find things in the system, we’ve also given you access to more data at your fingertips with the new drill down feature. The feature allows you to get a closer look at trends in your data for example not only looking at attendance data from an annual perspective, but also quarterly, monthly or even daily. 

Dynamic Dashboards

When a user drills down into their data the dynamic dashboards will automatically change along with them. For example if the user drills down into the monthly attendance data for December, then all of the other widgets will change accordingly and also show the data they were showing for that timeframe. This saves the user time from having to manually filter each time they search. 

Easy export options

After your users have found the correct data and drilled through it to display the timeframes and criteria they desire they can simply export the data out of the system to save within their own excel files. 

Power BI

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