Smart Apprentices Well-being Library


The Smart Apprentices well-being library has been created by our HR Manager, Candice Baker and contains links and resources available for download to ensure your staff and learners are taken care of through COVID and beyond.


Government Guidance

There are 14 guides to cover a range of different types of work. As many businesses operate more than one type of workplace, you may need to use more than one of these guides to ensure safety across the business. Priority actions are outlined at the top of each guide.

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Charity Mind has collated advice and support for you and your team to help manage your wellbeing during this ever-changing situation – from working at home to supporting team members with children. 

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ACAS has a number of well-being and mental health resources to help you during the pandemic. These include videos for employees, managers and the general public, to guide you through working from home and more.

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The Money Advice Service

The Money Advice Service has advice and guidance on all things money-related to help you during the pandemic, including housing, self-employed help, bills, pensions, car finance and more.

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NHS - Every Mind Matters

The NHS have a dedicated mental health section – every mind matters ha resources and guidance for all things well-being. This includes resources to help you through the pandemic, self-care advice and guidance for looking after your child’s mental health.

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The Samaritans have launched an online learning resource aimed at raising awareness and encouraging people to grow skills so that they are able to understand emotional health and reach out to colleagues who may be struggling to cope.

The Wellbeing in the Workplace resources allow you to learn at your own pace, at your desk or at home.

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The Wellbeing Project

The wellbeing project is designed to create wellbeing workshops that are highly interactive, fun and engaging, whilst also being informative and educational.

The project includes toolkits, podcasts, webinars and more to support you during your wellbeing needs.

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Mental Health at Work

Mental Health at Work provides a detailed directory of resources to download and view on all things well-being at work. You can filter on certain resource types, region and your work place sector to find accurate resources for you.

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Join the Movement

Join the Movement, a National Lottery-funded campaign was set up to find ways to get active as we deal with coronavirus restrictions.

The campaign offers simple, fun and free ways to get active, both indoors and outdoors, to enjoy safely.

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A guide for physical activity breaks

This guide provides information and guidance for all things exercise-related. There are links to videos for you to follow to do during work – such as chair and desk exercises as well as hints and tips for your lunch breaks.

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Run Talk Run

Run Talk Run is a weekly 5km gentle jog, and Walk Talk Walk is a weekly walk. Before every meet, there is a window of time to meet the other participants and say hello to the Leader. The leader explains the route and reassures everyone that at the forefront of these meetups – support is the no.1 goal.

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Black Dog Outdoors

Black dog is an inspiring platform for individuals to understand and participate in physical activities in support of mental health.

Whilst not mental health professionals themselves, the staff and the organisations partner with other organisations to offer additional support, advice and guidance.

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Hello Tomo

Hello Tomo is a chatbot, providing daily support for both mental and physical wellbeing. Tomo supports good habits and helps you to recognise achievements.

Tomo will suggest activities and habits that support mental well-being and keep you moving forward via the in-app tracker.

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Scooch helps employers establish a culture of health, encouraging movement to achieve rewards through employee interaction.

The app offers widespread engagement and the reward scheme can be built around your company’s culture and values.

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The headspace app provides tips and techniques to promote the health benefits of meditation, both physical and mental. Research shows, meditation can help to gain focus, relieve stress and improve sleep.

Free & paid subscriptions are available.

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Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a smartphone app and online community for meditation. The app features guided meditations, music and talks posted by contributing experts or join a community group across a range of interests.

Free & paid subscriptions are available.

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Please note: All the resources included within this page are not owned or created by Smart Apprentices. This page will be updated with more resources as and when they are discovered. We hope they help.