Funding Apprenticeships System
Smart Virtual Learning Environment
Smart Assessor
Smart End Point Assessment

Smart Assessor is the market leader in outstanding apprenticeship e-portfolio technology platforms tracking progression throughout the apprenticeship journey.

Used by apprentices, employers, assessors, mentors, trainers, quality assurers and managers to track the progression of knowledge, skills and behaviours, managing 20% off the job training, monitoring gateway assessments eliminating paper portfolios with Ofsted audit compliance dashboards.

“Smart Assessor has given us far more opportunities to streamline our processes and increased efficiency across the team.”

– Dave Lee, Heart of Worcestshire College

Smart Annotation

Smart Annotation makes giving digital feedback easy. You can mark up your digital evidence, including videos, with feedback and comments. Providing constructive feedback to apprentices on their evidence of work is crucial to a learner centric delivery model facilitating reflective continuous improvements.

Five innovative technology platforms, blended into one seamless digital journey