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DONALD CLARK – 10:30am – 11:45am


Keynote Speaker: Professor Donald Clark

Professor Donald Clark is an authoritative expert on AI amassing over 30 years’ experience in online learning, games, simulations, virtual reality, and AI projects.

A decorated EdTech entrepreneur, Professor Clark also sits on the board of many large education establishments including City & Guilds, Cogbooks, LearningPool, and more.

Donald will help you to discover how to create a personalised learning experience using AI and will provide you with a complimentary copy of his book, Artificial Intelligence for Learning.

Smart Skills hub showcase

A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE: Exclusive preview of our new AI powered Learning Experience Platform.

12:00pm – 12:30pm

Breakout session one options: 12:45pm – 1:15pm

New Product Updates: Rear View Mirror to Crystal Ball

This session will be reflecting on development updates you may have missed in 2020, highlighting those we have designed to support your remote delivery models such as Zoom recording integration with sessions and share our product development roadmaps for 2021.

How to Pivot From Your Apprenticeship Revenue

With an immediate and impactful decrease in apprenticeship starts, how can you pivot your business towards growth funding streams for example Kickstart? Learn how our clients have secured gateway funding contracts and how our new Smart Applicants technology platform supports them.

What is AI?

We will provide you with some additional knowledge on AI and inspiration for how you might personalise the learning experience at your organisation. 

Anticipating the FE White Paper

The anticipated white paper is likely to call for more synergy between what employers need and FE provides. Our chair Fiona Hudson-Kelly has some ideas she would like to explore how technology could facilitate a better exchange between buyers and sellers of Further Education.

Breakout session two options: 1:30pm – 2:00pm

Finding new employers for apprentices - from redundancy to opportunity

This breakout session will demonstrate Smart Applicants whilst showcasing how you can provide opportunities to those who are in the unfortunate position to be in limbo due to redundancy or furlough.

Data into Opportunity - Power BI

Power BI enables you to empower your data, this session will explore how we can support you to boost your business intelligence for data driven decision making with our new Power Bi data dashboard.

Lessons Learnt from Remote Delivery

 In this session, we share the lessons learnt from awe-inspiring remote teaching & learning blending self-serve online with tutor facilitated virtual classrooms supporting you to overcome the participant engagement concerns recently flagged by Ofsted.

breakout session three options: 2:15pm – 2:45pm

EOS – A fresh look at how to lead a fast-growing enterprise

Leadership is still #1 difference highlighted by Ofsted between an outstanding & a poor provider. Ann Ramsay, Managing Director of Smart Apprentices will share with you how she has used the EOS model – the entrepreneurs operating system – to lead a challenging organisational transformation to drive through resisted improvements.

It’s ok not to be ok – A guide to well-being & building resilience.

COVID has seen a dramatic increase in the need to engage with learners and your own team to check on their wellbeing. In this session we will share our success strategies and gift you our well-being resource toolbox.


Creating a portfolio of competence to showcase Functional Skills

With continued Covid restrictions many learners are unable to attend their functional skills exams. This breakout session will demonstrate how to create a portfolio of competence to comply with the new centre-based assessments.

Client Showcase - GK Apprenticeships

This breakout session will showcase our client GK Apprenticeships, who will share with you their journey from onboarding through to live.

Hear how GK Apprenticeships have formed a strategic partnership with Smart Apprentices, and how you can too.


A sneak peek at something coming & a round up of the day from Managing Director, Ann Ramsay.

2:45pm – 3pm

Why should you attend?

Thanks for a great session, feeling enlightened and inspired.” – Salford City College

The sessions were so slick and informative our staff are absolutely buzzing. We had a 90-minute session with the team straight after the conference to plan how we’re going to utilise everything we’ve learned” – GTG Training
Proud to be using such a responsive system in these times for our apprentices, current and prospective employers.” – North Warwickshire & South Leicestershire College