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Smart Applicants is an innovative technology platform for training providers to manage their apprentice & traineeship recruitment process from initial enquiry to successful selection by your employer clients.

Many younger apprentice and traineeship applicants struggle to showcase their skills, knowledge & personality in an engaging way that differentiates their personality and skills to attract employers.

Your applicants can apply to you using our online application process, you can then support those suitable to create their digital profile, including a showcase portfolio and elevator pitch video.


When your applicant has an awesome digital cv you can then share it with your employers who are looking to recruit apprentices or offer work placements for your traineeships.

Employers can view applicants digital profile online whilst training providers manage the full recruitment process of their applicants enabling you to track which applicants have been submitted to which employers, those who have been interviewed and successful applicants can be removed from your talent pool whilst those not selected can remain for other employers to find.

Smart Applicants is for training providers to manage their apprentice & traineeship recruitment process!


Employer Engagement

How to promote and maintain employer engagement within your organisation.

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Managing Opportunities

How to promote and manage opportunities for new vacancies.

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Showcasing Learners

How to showcase your learners using an innovative digital CV.

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A guide to traineeships

What is a traineeship and how do they benefit employers?


“We’ve implemented Smart Applicants into our learner induction process. It’s an important tool in supporting our “lifelong learning” value – we have a fantastic pool of talent ready to showcase to our employers to maintain business with them and it encourages our learners to build on their digital footprint and progress higher with each opportunity.”

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