A recent report has pushed for the UK to create greener apprenticeships to aid COVID recovery.

Green apprenticeships are said to enable young people to prepare for jobs within renewable energy and the restoration of the UK’s natural landscape. The report from Friends of the Earth reveals there are over 500,000 young people aged 16-24 out of work, and this is prior to the closure of the government’s furlough scheme. It continues to claim there is a ‘youth employment emergency’ and providing young people with green jobs is one way of addressing this problem.

Over 250,000 apprenticeships could be created

There could be 250,000 green apprenticeships and a network of skills centres at further education colleges created with around £10.6bn of government cash. Local authorities could create more than 40,000 apprenticeships in London along with about 20,000 in the West Midlands and 14,000 in Greater Manchester.

Recommendations state the green apprenticeships could directly confront the climate and environmentla emergencies – including anything from enegry-efficiency retrofits to restoring wetlands.

It goes on to identify the need for central government, local authorities, employers, trade unions, training bodies and civil society to work together to develop the programmes. There would also need to be a board composed to monitor the implementation and delivery of the green apprenticeships – ‘ensuring high quality of learning and work, and contribution to the climate transition.’

Government pressure

There has been mounting pressure for the government to forge a green recovery from COVID and meet it’s target of zero emissions by 2050. Chancellor, Rishi Sunak promised green measures including a £22bn investment in a national infrastructure bank, part of which would be spent on low-carbon projects.

Campaigners have protested the efforts by the government haven’t been up to scratch as Sunak continued: “The UK is a global leader on tackling climate change, with a clear target to reach net zero by 2050 and a 10-point plan to create green jobs.”

Included within the report are case studies from those currently working within roles continbuting to a greener UK, however the report concludes these are primarily graduates as the UK apprenticeship system to date has not worked well enough.

Would you be interested in providing green apprenticeships if they were readily available?

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