As remote working becomes even more crucial during the current pandemic COVID-19 takes over, we take a look into the future of the remote office and remote working in 2020.

Remote working is nothing new, it’s been a common work practice for some companies for years, however now, more than ever, remote working is on the rise. The era of the Industrial Revolution model is over and the daily grind of commuting and clocking into the office is gone. Remote working is the future.

Whilst remote working comes with the added benefits of no commute times, flexible hours and your own environment to work in, there are challenges too with some employees pointing out remote working creates a feeling of isolation and lack of connection to their teammates. Crossing these barriers to provide an effective working environment from anywhere, any time is the aim – but how easy is it to make remote working a viable option in today’s working world?

Of the 32.6 million in employment, around 1.7 million people reported working mainly from home, with around 4 million working from home in the week prior to being interviewed for the UK government survey. Around 8.7 million people said they have worked from home; this is less than 30% of the workforce. Industrial sectors, such as transportation and storage, accommodation and food services, and wholesale, retail and repair provide relatively few opportunities for people to work from home.

As digitalisation advances, we can expect a significant impact on employment and skills in the decades ahead, at all levels and in all sectors. In the health sector, for example, we could see care workers assisting with home-based diagnostic and monitoring devices, as well as teams of clinicians, engineers, and programming specialists working on the next wave of personalised patient treatments.

We’ve created an ebook to investigate remote working in 2020 and as an alternative to on-site working and if this way of working can transform the way businesses are run.

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