The ability to remotely teach and assess apprentices whilst they continue to learn through Smart Rooms has never been more important than now, during the global pandemic of COVID-19.

As government’s call for colleges and training providers to close until further notice, the apprenticeship sector needs to come together strong and find new ways to keep their businesses moving forward.

Virtual Smart Rooms are the innovative way to meet with learners remotely in 1-1 sessions or group learning, ensuring your apprentices are continuously supported through this time.

A Virtual Classroom

The huge benefit of Smart Web Conference Rooms is that you can treat them as a meeting room.

The rooms can be locked for 1-1 meetings, with you and a student or can be opened for participants up to 50 to share and learn as though in a virtual classroom.

With the ability to share screen, record, present and interact virtually, Smart Rooms are the perfect solution to meeting up throughout this isolation period.

Internal vs. External

For Smart Assessor clients, as part of your package you already get access within Smart Assessor to a Smart Room. This can be accessed through the learning plan where you can plan in a Smart Session which triggers a room booking, allowing no one else to book the room out during this time. You can choose at the time of booking whether you require a 1-1 or a group session.

External Smart Rooms are also available for those who want to use the rooms for business improvement meetings, staff meetings, standardisation meetings and more – the meeting options are endless!

Smart Room Functionality

The advantage of hosting a meeting virtually for your apprentices is that you can record the whole session, with the option to also upload it directly into Smart Assessor.

Recording your session is perfect if you are using the rooms to perform mock end point assessments as the file can be used as evidence – an easy tick in the box for auditing purposes.

Participants can get involved in polls through the room too, meaning once you’ve explained something you can test knowledge with a simple question and answer pop up.

Alternatively, teach and assess your learners through Smart VLE, the virtual learning environment packed with pre-loaded resources and assessments, or make your own.

What better way to check your learners are engaged and learning than to create an assessment on VLE and send it out to them after a teaching session through your Smart Room?

Access Anywhere

Some users may not have access to a laptop with a microphone or webcam, this doesn’t mean you need to worry. Smart Rooms can be accessed on smartphones and tablets meaning there are no limitations to where or when you can hold a meeting. Just dial in to the meeting and go.

We appreciate in these unsettling times, it’s important to have a contingency plan in place to work from home as the new normal.

If you would like to know more about the solutions, including Smart Rooms, that Smart Apprentices have put in place to support you, please contact us today on 0845 460 4440 or email