Have you considering the importance of promoting and maintaining employer engagement? Why should you?

The decline in starts across apprenticeships and other work-based learning programmes means that Colleges and independent training providers have to expand their provision to increase their catchment and attract other types of funding. This brings the added challenge of engaging with employers more effectively to improve participation rates on funded programmes.

It’s important for providers to find out and scope exactly what their employer wants and needs. Learning professionals will need to have great listening skills to build and maintain rapport with employer clients. Smart Applicants can capture information accurately to promote opportunities that highlight the employer’s needs and requirements, to ensure only suitable candidates are eligible to apply, resulting in a substantial saving on cost and human resource.

It is also imperative now that colleges and training providers have the infrastructure in place to make themselves stand out from the competition. Employers need to ensure they are partnering with a college or training provider that supports and complements their brand positioning, and they are likely to perform due diligence on your own process and infrastructure to ensure they are working with the most suitable provider. Smart Applicants has been built with both the employer and provider in mind, giving both stakeholders the transparency and flexibility required when hiring a learner. Opportunities can be created from within the platform around the employer’s needs and requirements while the provider is able to showcase opportunities and manage the full recruitment process.

“We’ve implemented Smart Applicants into our learner induction process. It’s an important tool in supporting our “lifelong learning” value – we have a fantastic pool of talent ready to showcase to our employers to maintain business with them and it encourages our learners to build on their digital footprint and progress higher with each opportunity.”

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