According to new research from the human resources body CIPD, over 50% of UK firms plan on hiring new staff within the next three months.

Of the 2000 firms that were surveyed, around 56% of the them planned to hire new staff within the first three months of 2021, leaving a month to go to get hiring.

Whilst the pandemic caused several businesses to close due to lockdown, there have been some sectors that have continued to run and even thrive. Those that continued will be the first to look for new staff, these areas include healthcare, IT, insurance and finance and education.

Gerwy Davies, from the Chartered Institute of Personal and Development (CIPD), which carried out the survey in conjunction with recruitment firm Adecco said: “Our findings suggest that unemployment may be close to peak and may even undershoot official forecasts, especially given the reportted fall in the supply of oversea workers.”

There was also good news for those concerned about redundancies, the report revealed that firms planning to make redundancies in the first quarter of 2021 dropped from 30% to 20% compared to its previous 3-month period.

If we look back at September – November 2020, the Office for National Statistics reported that unemployment rates hit 55, an increase from the previous 3 months. Those sectors worst hit included hospitality and retail, which will come as no surprise given the lockdown rulings that these sectors must shut their doors to ensure the spread of the virus was slowed down.

CIPD’s survey confirmed that only 36% of hospitality employers were intending to recruit new staff, with many still unable to open until early April, according to Boris Johnson’s roadmap for a post-pandemic UK.

The governments furlough scheme is also set to end on 30 April, this has contributed to the slowing number of redundancies. Nearly 10 million people were furloughed between the start of the scheme and Dec 13 2020.

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