Ofsted will be given the responsibility of overseeing all university apprenticeships, including those at degree levels of 6 and 7.

This means that the current policy, where the Office for Students police higher apprenticeships will be taken over by Ofsted, who currently only monitor apprenticeships up to level 5.

New plans are now being created to move responsibility over to Ofsted as concerns have become apparent over the higher educator Office for Students ability to have such power.

FE Week reported a spokesperson from the Department for Education said they are working ‘closely with the Office for Students and Ofsted to consider carefully what the most appropriate quality assurance arrangements should be for level 6 and 7 apprenticeships’ with further updates provided in due course.

According to FE Week’s analysis of the latest Department for Education data, Ofsted are currently out of scope to inspect 20% of the 231 providers listed, as these providers delivery no courses at level 5 or below.

Ofsted have been attempting to gain this role for over four years, marking their new found responsibility as a huge win.

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