Ofsted released news that their new education inspection framework for training providers would be in effect from September 2019, but what does this new formula of intent, implementation and impact really mean?

The good news is that the new standards, delivered differently to the old frameworks are the ideal delivery method for the new inspection framework. Targeted on what the providers promise to learners, what they’ll deliver and how they’ll deliver it slots nicely into the three I’s of Ofsted.

What do these three headers really mean?

Intent – this is your curriculum planning, what do you intend to do for your learners?

Implementation – how are you going to deliver the course, both the curriculum and the 20% off the job?

Impact – what is the learners’ outcome and are they ready for their next stage of education?

The new framework is said to be a focus on quality of education rather than the data, focusing on the curriculum and how it is delivered rather than the number of achievers. What does the handbook say Ofsted will be monitoring during their visit?

  • Leaders to take on or construct a curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give all learners the best chance of success
  • Curriculum is coherently planned
  • Has the same academic, technical or vocational ambitions for all learners
  • Learners study the full curriculum
  • Teachers have good knowledge of the subject
  • Teachers present matters clearly, promoting appropriate discussion
  • Teaching is designed to help learners in the long term to remember the content they’ve been taught
  • Organisations must create an environment that allows the learner to focus on learning
  • Learners develop detailed knowledge and skills across the curriculum and as a result achieve well
  • Learners are ready for the next stage of education, employment or training
  • We understand there is a lot to understand, but we’ve tried to break it down to the intent, implementation and impact key points to make it easier for you. If you do want to read the full document, click here.

Applying the new inspection framework to your courses doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated, break it down and work through it step by step. To see how Smart Apprentices have tailored their technology platforms to suit the new framework, take a look at our digital learning journey.