After the initial exam results for those completing A-Levels were published last week (13.8), there has been debate over how the results were calculated given the circumstances. These exam results will now be changed and will be based on teachers predictions says Ofqual chair, Roger Taylor.

Whilst students would normally receive their grades based on exams taken in the summer, the COVID-19 pandemic meant students grades were based on mock tests and predicted grades put together through an algorithm which then calculated an overall grade.

This caused uproar amongst students and teachers across the country, as many students received lower grades then they expected, meaning many weren’t accepted onto their chosen course at university, instead students had to apply through clearing to other universities or consider alternative routes.

Roger Taylor, has now confirmed Ofqual will amend exam results for GCSE, AS, A Level to reflect the predicted grades previously submitted by teachers.

Taylor admitted: “There was no easy solution to the problem of awarding exam results when no exams have taken place.”

“Our goal has always been to protect the trust that the public rightly has in educational qualifications. We recognise that while the approach we adopted attempted to achieve these goals, we also appreciate that it has also caused real anguish and damaged public confidence.”

Taylor continued to apologise for the governments original method of providing students with results and the uncertainty and anxiety it caused.

For this summer, estimated grades provided by schools or colleges that the teachers believed students would be likely to receive in their exams will now be awarded to students.

“The path forward we now plan to implement will provide urgent clarity. We are already working with the Department for Education, universities and everyone else affected by this issue.”

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