Smart Assessor user and digital marketing apprentice Anil Daji tells us what a typical day in his role consists of.

After graduating from Nottingham Trent University in 2017 with a degree in photography I was open a new career path. I applied for numerous roles and graduate schemes, but every time I would get the feedback: “You are really good, but we need someone with experience”, this was the most annoying thing of trying to get into the world of work!

In January 2018 I was successful in getting an Internship through my university which was in photography. It was this internship that opened my eyes to social media and a glimpse of digital marketing, unfortunately I didn’t receive a job offer, however, I came away with valuable experience. Going back to square one with job searches and numerous interviews, I then thought about the apprenticeship route, throwing it back to my final year in secondary school (2011) I wanted to do an apprenticeship but I did not have the relevant maths GCSE grades.

Maths has always been a struggle for me, being dyslexic, dyspraxic and having dyscalculia my way of learning has not be easy, I only found out that I have these three “traits” in 2014 so up until that point I use to think I was “rubbish” and “I would never amount to anything” because I would always be in bottom sets for everything.

After leaving an apprenticeship in 2018 due to a risk of health and safety and, after having two interviews in the same year at North Warwickshire & South Leicestershire College, fast forward to January 2019 and I finally got accepted and made my first step in the world of marketing. I have had the privilege of laying the foundation for new digital marketing apprentices by being one of the first on the new apprenticeship standard!

So far, I have gained Level 1 & 2 maths in the space of 2 months, passed my CIM Level 4 Digital Marketing Module and got my Level 3 Principles of coding. I will hope to get Level 3 CIM in the principles of marketing through the staff development scheme at work and finally, I will be hoping to get my Level 3 Digital marketing qualification by the end of my apprenticeship.