As we move forward to the last quarter of 2020, it’s hard to imagine life as a training provider or college without using an eportfolio. The ability to remotely teach and assess, record sessions, track learners progress and more wouldn’t be possible without an online platform, but which eportfolio do you choose?

We’re proud to work with almost 200 training providers and colleges across the UK to support their strategic delivery of apprenticeships. We work with Outstanding providers such as Newcastle and Staffordshire Colleges Group, large employers such as a TUI and Busy Bees and continue to grow our client base year on year. Why do those on the RoATP choose to use the eportfolio Smart Assessor over competitors?

We asked Dave Lee, Director of Apprenticeships at Heart of Worcestershire College why they made the move from OneFile to Smart Assessor and never looked back.

Learner Engagement

Let’s start with learners, especially during the pandemic, where face-to-face check-ins have been forced to become non-existent, ensuring your learners are engaged hits the top 3 challenges for most organisations. Whilst remote delivery has become the norm for now, and perhaps the foreseeable future, giving learners a simple to use system is a priority to prevent disengagement.

Dave said:

“Some learners disengaged with OneFile when there were technical issues – we needed something that did everything it said it would be but was also simple to use for learners and transparent to show progress and tasks remaining.”

How Smart Assessor can help:

Smart Assessor’s dashboard looks the same whether you are an assessor, learner or employer, making it easy to assist learners in understanding a system should they need help. The progress bars are visible, and colour coded as soon as you log in, providing complete clarity for all as to what point in their apprenticeship the learner is currently sat.


Nothing puts off users engaging with a system more than poor functionality, software should enhance a user experience, not hinder it. A streamlined process across technology platforms providers a positive experience for the user, with single sign-on logins and easy to access resources and information.

Dave said:

“Smart Assessor has given us far more opportunities to streamline our processes and increased our efficiency across the team with aspects such as enrolment, paperless form filling etc. Some of these were available in our previous system but we could never make them work, not through lack of trying or asking for help. We now have a number of paperless forms and a process that integrates with PICS to create the learner portfolio and link into initial assessment results in the Smart VLE.”

How Smart Assessor can help:

Smart Assessor integrates with several MIS systems to transfer learner data from a single import method. Combine this with our Smart VLE for initial diagnostics and assessments to discover your learners Functional Skills learning level, the learning style best suited to them, available directly from your Smart Assessor dashboard.

Value for Money

Return on investment is what all businesses are looking for when they move forward with a purchase. Many eportfolio software is priced one a cost per learner license fee, however, there are different packages available dependant on your chosen supplier.

Dave said:

“I did a cost analysis and Smart Assessor worked out better for us for everything it can do as well as cost per license.”

How Smart Assessor can help:

Smart Assessor’s business development team work with organisations to ensure return on investment is high. Our User Engagement Academy is designed for users to network and learn how to use the entire system to it’s best; no feature is left un-utilised.

Employer Engagement

Chancellor Rishi Sunak recently revealed a big push for businesses to hire apprentices in the form of a cash incentive, which means now is the best time to boost your organisation’s employer engagement. Employers should be interested in how their learner is progressing and be involved in meetings with you – the training provider, to understand how they can assist in the delivery.

Dave said:

“We are trying to have a more structured approach to usingthe eportfolio Smart Assessor for everything, this includes using it for recruitment and selection which we piloted for a council recruiting for Finance apprentices. I created an aptitude test which was specific to the Finance level 3 standard and we had 19 applicated sit this, English and maths and complete a basic interview after.

Following this, we were able to pull off data from Smart VLE to send to the council that showed all three results for each applicant which will now be used to select who will be invited in for interviews.

This has been a real success and is the process we will now be adopting for all applications, the beauty of this is that we can either invite applicants in or they can carry out the activities remotely. We can also track an individual from recruitment all the way through the journey which the employer can do as well.”

How Smart Assessor can help:

Smart Assessor allows employers to have their own login to track their apprentice from enrolment through to end point assessment. They can monitor learners progress, sign off evidence or meet remotely though Smart Rooms if needed. Assessors can also use Smart Rooms to meet with the employer for a professional discussion or share with them relevant information or resources.

Training and Support:

There’s nothing worse than implementing a new software and then having little to no understanding of how to use it best or how to get your colleagues on board. Finding champions who are quick to pick up new systems and can share their knowledge with others is a great way to encourage engagement. With any system, there are going to be hiccups along the way, which is why knowing support is there when you need it provides the reassurance, you’re in safe hands.

Dave said:

“Before using Smart Assessor, training and support was limited, offers were made with no follow-through. The training and support from Smart Assessor has been a completely different experience, from initial set up through to our current situation, so on that note, I’ll say thank you, Ryan and Graham, for all the training sessions and also the technical team for meeting expectations, giving prompt responses and their ability to resolve any issues.”

How Smart Assessor can help:

New customers to the Smart Assessor eportfolio have access to training days hosted by their Account Manager, normally on-site, however, this can also be done remotely, via Smart Room. We have a complete onboarding process to ensure you are supported from purchase through to go live. Once live, customers have ongoing access to our support portal where our support team will answer tickets raised and upload user guides.

If you would like to see how Smart Apprentices can help you streamline your apprenticeship programme, why not book a short consultation with our Strategic Partnership Consultant Kieran here

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