Talks are underway to replace functional skills exams with “portfolio evidence grading” for apprentices who are unable to sit the tests due to Covid-19 restrictions, newspaper FE Week revealed this week.

Ofqual and AELP will now explore the option of a ‘portfolio of evidence’ followed by a ‘professional discussion’ which will be used in place of the exams.

Ofqual are currently reviewing the proposal however it has not been signed off yet.

How can Smart Assessor help you showcase Functional Skills progression?

Automatically link VLE assessments to SA – one place to login and saves heaps of admin time

Smart VLE, from Smart Apprentices, comes pre-loaded with maths, English and IT Functional Skills assessments, as well as initial assessments, diagnostics and bespoke assessments.

Using single-sign-on, learners can be notified of functional skills assessments through the VLE tile on their dashboard, once completed, they will get an automatic result and the assessor will receive a report on their scores and areas needed to develop.

Criteria breakdowns are mapped into Smart Assessor, allowing both learners and assessors to see which specific areas require improvement, whether this be fractions, punctation etc. – something no other VLE tool can do.

Content for learners to aid their progression is also automatically allocated through resources dependant on your learners needs.

“Staff using Smart assessor and SVLE, have continued to provide a strong, stable and structured delivery model including continues lines of Communications, Support, planning, feedback and success in achievement.” – Barnardos

Skills Scan – easily showcase your learner’s gaps in learning

The skill scan feature in Smart Assessor can be used when an apprentice first signs up to their course, it can then be used again throughout the course duration to evidence learning progression.

Once set up as a course or ‘standard’, clients can create a skills scan to showcase distance travelled in a clear way for both learners, assessors and auditors as a spiky profile is created after each skills scan has been completed, clearly showing gaps in knowledge.

Smart Rooms – perform mock professional discussions to ensure your learner succeeds

With professional discussions potentially replacing tests, it’s important to ensure you learner is prepared for this when the time comes. Use Smart Rooms to perform mock professional discussions which are auto recorded and uploaded against the learning plan – perfect for IQAs and auditors to spot check if required.

You can also use Smart Rooms to deliver group sessions for those who need additional support – saving time by grouping together learners with similar gaps in knowledge. This can be recording in Smart Assessor as a ‘learner support’ session.

Gateway Checklist – learner’s and assessors know exactly where they are in the course

Functional Skills courses can be set up in Smart Assessor as standards, which in turn can be used to create a gateway checklist to manage progression of learners. Gateways can be set up as mock assessments, smart room teaching and more. Assessors can then upload certificates to showcase passed learning within the evidence portfolio – perfect for auditors who can see clear progression evidenced!

Smart Annotator – use this tool to allocate relevant resources with ease

Smart Assessor’s dynamic feedback tool, Smart Annotator can be used to provide specific feedback on evidence uploaded by learners where improvement is required. Perhaps a learner struggles with division – annotate their work with relevant feedback and link this to a resource for improved knowledge and understanding.

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