We understand that trying to successfully implement new software within your organisation can be tough – let’s be honest, most of us are using countless systems already. We’re here to convince you that implementing new software doesn’t have to be a challenge, in fact, we hope to make it a breeze.

Let’s start at the beginning, you’ve had sign off for new software, signed the purchase order and now you’re ready to start getting your staff on board.

Tip 1: Ensure your new software has a well-thought-out, successful onboarding process

As soon as you have signed the contract, you should know exactly what yours and the suppliers next steps are. You can save countless hours and money by knowing what you need to do by when and ensure there is no unnecessary waiting around. Onboarding processes can vary from company to company, however, they should all work with you to ensure a smooth transition into the new software.

Tip 2: Training

Training on a new system is essential. Knowing how to use the system properly and to your company’s needs is the easiest way to get everyone engaging and using it. You don’t need to know every feature straight away but ensuring you’re clear on the ones you need to use regularly is vital.

Holding regular events to train staff on new software whether this is 1 on 1 or in a group and the best way to learn a system really is by getting stuck in and using it.

Tip 3: Find and Assign Champions

Champions are your users who quickly pick up the system, use it well and are advocates for it.

They can leverage excitement for other employees who may be more reluctant to try the new software and can evaluate the success of its implementation. Champions are usually Admin users of the system with access to multiple or all areas, their job role will be dependent on the software and the organisation.

Tip 4: Get teams involved as soon as possible

The only real way to ensure a new tool is used is to give staff no other option. If their work requires them to use the system, they have no other choice. Setting a deadline to migrate any content away from previously used systems may be the only way to get your toughest objectors to make the move.

Be careful though – whilst you want to make the most of what you’ve bought and get using your system quickly, going in too soon may create unnecessary problems which could put off some users. Make sure to express why you have changed or implemented a brand-new software and show users the benefits not only for the organisation but for individuals.

Tip 5: Monitor and shout about success

The best way to prove a new software was a good decision is to monitor the successes teams have had using it and shout about them to the company. Positive sharing is the best way to encourage other teams to want to be part of the success.

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