Smart Apprentices has been working with over 50% of the largest education providers in the country for over 10 years. We analysed our system data to try and understand if LMS systems, like Smart Assessor, transform apprenticeship programs?

We have data for tens of thousands of learners. Our data helps us understand the behaviours behind learners and assessors, and the general trends that deliver success. We hope to use this data to enhance pass rates, drive better reporting and flag early leavers.

In this paper, we’ve highlighted the three preliminary findings illustrating how LMS systems are currently transforming apprenticeships programs. Our Learner Management Systems:

  1. Support areas that demonstrate lower than average pass rates when compared against National Statistics
  2. Provide an increase in EPA Pass Rates for those users more engaged with our Learner Management Systems
  3. Increase retention rates by roughly 10% for Further Education Providers using Smart Assessor when compared to Department for Education statistics

Download our summary report: LMS systems, like Smart Assessor, transform apprenticeship programs to learn more about the outcomes you can expect to see when using structured learning software.