Apprenticeship standards were introduced as part of the government’s major apprenticeship reforms. Standards are designed to shift the apprenticeship process from assessing to learning and put the employers in control of how the course is designed and delivered.

August 1st 2020 saw the switch-off of frameworks, from this date onwards, all new apprentices that sign up will automatically be registered on an apprenticeship standard. Smart Apprentices are dedicated to innovating with the FE sector, which is why Smart Assessor our eportfolio has  several features to support your apprentices through their standard,

Customisable Courses

Our Support team do an amazing job to ensure that our database is monitored and updated within 48 hours of any change requests for courses. Courses can be customised using our innovative Course Builder and our in-house team are always on hand to guide clients through any assistance they might need. Our database is already packed full of standards, so it’s likely the standard you need is already there ready to go!

Gateway Checklist

Standards require all apprentices to complete an end point assessment to evidence their learning and understanding. The Smart Assessor Gateway Checklist quality assures learners progression and is fully customisable to each client.

Smart Rooms

Our web-conference Smart Rooms are ideal for performing mock EPAs, assessors and learners can complete mock interviews, professional discussions and more, all whilst recording the session to playback for reflection and self-improvement. The best part? These rooms are remote, therefore no additional travel time or costs are required!

Off The Job

The Timelog feature is viewable from the learner dashboard and updates as off the job hours are logged. The learner will not be able to proceed to their end point assessment until their percentage reaches 20%, so making sure it’s obvious to both the learner and assessor how they are progressing is vital.

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