Stemming from the global pandemic, social distancing measures and the closure of businesses, re-evaluation of digital strategies and communications has proved popular. The approval of remote end point assessments on a wide variety of apprenticeship standards comes with an abundance of benefits, we look at a few of them below.

Social distancing friendly

Social distancing is the number one reason for moving to remote end point assessment currently, but this may lead to questions about why they have not been conducted in this way sooner? Remote end point assessments remove the social distancing measures which poses a significant hurdle for the completion of assessments currently. Whether it be the 2-metre distance rule or the closure of non-essential businesses, assessing remotely can overcome this.

Moving with the times

Over the previous 6 months, digital communication strategies have been re-evaluated. Organisations who may not have been digitally savvy initially, have now begun utilising technology to continue communications both internally and externally. This is a trend that is here to stay. Video conferencing with colleagues forms a new ‘normal’ – what better way to be prepared for the future workplace.

Increased efficiency & cost reduction

Practical end point assessments can add a large contribution to any expense bill.  Face-to-face assessments can take an increased time, coupled with the factor of travelling to and from sites and accommodation costs. The efficiency and freedom gained from performing remote end-point assessments could make you question face to face assessments in the future. Conducting assessments remotely allows multiple assessments to be completed in the time it could normally take to do one face-to-face. The streamlining of the process will allow you to use time much more efficiently!


Removing time taken to travel out of the schedule, the factor of having to be somewhere at a certain time is eradicated. The assessment can be attended from anywhere with remote access, this eliminates the task of finding a distraction-free space out of the equation, with a popular option being the completion of the assessment from home!

Environmentally friendly

Online assessments have the potential to reduce the environmental impact of the assessment process substantially. The smooth transition of removing paper from the process to electronic submissions into the portfolio, with video sessions automatically uploaded and saved into the portfolio from Smart EPA, while additionally reducing the carbon footprint left from travelling from site to site.


Remote online end point assessments allow all parties to choose where they participate in the assessment. The participant would usually complete this at their place of employment ensuring a device available is not a problem. Additionally, any extra learning support or adjustments can be easily accommodated.

If you would like to know more about how you can perform end point assessments remotely with our EPAO software Smart EPA, get in touch today by contacting or by phone on 0845 460 4440.