With any successful business comes hard work, determination and usually a chunk of money. Smart Apprentices every year pledge to raise and donate as much money as they can each year to a charity nominated by our staff. This year our chosen charity is SANDS, who work to reduce the number of babies dying and to improve care and support for anyone affected by the death of a baby.

We want to give you 10 ideas of what you can do to raise money in your own organisation – remember it’s important to give back to those less fortunate. Whether you’re raising money alone or as a company, for a small charity or a big charity, we hope some of our ideas will inspire you to get those charity piggy banks filled and get you out spreading some charity giving spirit.

1. Host a bake sale

This one is easy and gives everyone the chance to get involved with little effort or spending in the first place. Get your staff to host a mini bake-off inspired bake sale, you might find you have an amazing star baker in your ranks you never knew could whip up an egg and some flour into a masterpiece. Whether employees have baked a cake, cookies or sausage rolls – a bake sale is a great way to easily raise money by asking for a charitable cash donation for every cake eaten. Plus, it’s fun way of getting everyone involved and raising money collaboratively – if your office is anything like Smart Apprentices HQ, the cakes certainly won’t hang around for long.

2. Get everyone in their pajamas

Doing something silly for money often brings out the best results – because people are more likely to do something embarrassing if it’s for a good cause. Why not get your staff to wear pajamas into the office for the day and charge a fee for those who participate? Surely everyone can get on board with being comfy in their dressing gown for the day – especially if you do it in the colder months where people would rather stay in bed than sat at their desk.

Smart Apprentices chose to raise money on red nose day 2019 by wearing pajamas for the day – we’ve never been comfier!

3. Happy ‘Fry’day

Another one for the foodies out there, create a weekly, monthly, quarterly Fryday. The beauty of this day is it can be as often and as ‘big’ as you like. What do we mean by Fryday? Host a fry up breakfast for your staff with sausages, bacon and eggs and boost that Friday feeling whilst raising money for a good cause.

Employees can donate money for their Fryday treat – happy tummy, more money!

4. Sign up for a race

There are loads of race days out there by various charities that don’t have to be ran. For example, Cancer Research host the Race for Life across the country and is just one of plenty options out there.

Created to allow you to be part of a bigger organisations efforts for raising money, why not get a few of your staff members to complete the race and create a justgiving page for sponsorship’s. With the option to run, walk or jog with others there is a pace to suit everyone.

5. Christmas Jumper day

Now, obviously this one can only be done in December but why not host a Christmas jumper day and get everyone into the festive spirit for charity? Save the children ask people donate £2 for each jumper wearer, imagine the difference you could make if everyone joined in, even in a smaller organisation.

6. Tough Mudder & Wolf Runs

If you fancy something to push you and your staff or just want a bit of a challenge, there are lots of tough mudders and wolf runs hosted throughout the year. Get your running trainers on, rack up the sponsorship’s and get a team together – fitness, fun, and fundraising, the perfect combination.

7. Team building days

Team building days are essential to your organisation to create a harmonious working environment but why not combine team building with an opportunity to donate some time or money.

Whether it’s raising money in sponsorship form and then completing a charity event or hosting a charity event, working as a team is the perfect way to help charities.

8. Donate time

Not all charity work has to be raising money, building a bank of cash is great to fund the hard work charities do but giving your time back is a special way of helping too. Why not go walk a dog at your local RSPCA, or volunteer at a nearby hospice to entertain some of those who don’t get visitors?

Time is a valuable commodity – to some more than money, therefore, it’s the perfect thing to donate.

9. Host a raffle

Raffles are a great way of getting a mass of people involved, donating to charity and allowing for participants to get something back in the process. Get people in your organisation to bring in donations for the raffle as prizes and then pop on your best-selling hat on to get people buying raffle tickets.

Remember the better the prizes – the more involvement, plus a nice special prize from the senior team never goes a miss! Once you’ve sold all your tickets, pick your chosen charity to donate to.

10. Donate goods

Think about donations of items you may be able to give rather than money, for example in winter the RSPCA always look for blankets and duvets for the animals to sleep on. Food banks are always looking for extra donations of certain items, ring your local bank to see what these are.

Hopefully we have sparked your giving spirit and given you a few ides of how to give back. Don’t forget to set up your justgiving page to give everyone easy access to making their money donations and remember to take and post photos for social media. Good luck!

If you would like to help Smart Apprentices donate to our chosen charity of the year, SANDS, please click the following link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/smart-apprentices2