Developing a long and lasting relationship with you starts on day 1 and understanding your requirements and delivery model, is key to a strong and collaborative partnership. We want to introduce you to our platforms and get you up and running as soon as possible, providing unlimited guidance and support from our professional onboarding team. Onboarding is only the start of your apprenticeship delivery journey with us. Our Completely Digital Journey will guide you through a learner’s journey from funding and recruitment to EPA and beyond.

So, let’s kick this off

1. We have a kick-off meeting and introduce the teams

We can discuss all aspects of the project and identify key contacts for managing the fundamental elements of Data Integration, Training and your courses. Our first meeting is in a smart room and gives you an immediate experience of how smart rooms can enhance your business.

2.  We’ll then introduce you to your Basecamp project

Basecamp 3 is our preferred method of communication and allows us all to collaborate within the project with complete transparency. No need for external emails and files, let’s keep it all under one roof. Basecamp tracks a series of actions to do with due dates, this allows us to keep on track to meet your chosen Go Live date.

3. It’s important that you are in contact with the right person for the job

You will have a dedicated member of the Support Team whose sole job is to guide you through the data integration process, ensuring that your Learners, Assessors and Employers are fully integrated, tested and ready to go,

4. We have a comprehensive database of qualifications and standards

Our expert Qualifications Team have a wealth of knowledge and understanding. They will ensure your requested courses are in your platform and discuss with you your delivery model, ensuring they are set up correctly prior to you going live and starting to map evidence.

5. Training is a fundamental aspect of your onboarding experience with us

The basic suite of training includes Admin/Management, Forms, Course builder, SVLE, IQA and Assessor. Our formal agendas are bespoke to your requirements. You will be allocated your own dedicated Account Manager who will work with you to choose the right candidates for each of the on-site sessions.

6. Our Onboarding Project Manager will steer you through a steady course 

The project manager will guide you through the whole process, keeping the project on track, arranging update meetings and coordinating the teams to meet your chosen Go Live date.

We only Go Live when you’re good and ready.

7. Once you are live and have been using the platform for a while, it’s time to see how we can enhance your user experience

Our Client Team will carry out a health check and make necessary recommendations. Our User Engagement Academy is also a fantastic way of supporting your team to understand and use the platforms with confidence. Choosing some champions early on who really want to engage with the systems and help others is key to your success.

8. Your dedicated Account Manager is with you every step of the way

Your CAM is responsible for helping you to develop a road map for success. With monthly check-ins and more formal quarterly reviews, additional training and guidance and much more.

9. Our Support Desk is here to help you at all stages of your apprenticeship delivery journey.

If you raise a support ticket, it will allow the right person to answer your query in a timely manner. Also, our Customer Service team can will arrange webinars, surveys etc and will be on call should your Account Manager not be available.

10. So there we have it.

Let’s go live!