According to data from the training provider, The Skills Network (TSN), after analysing 1.5 million job adverts between March and September 2020, there are 10 skills most needed by employers that continue to appear.

The pandemic has caused education providers to prepare students for the world of work more than ever before, with a shift in focus on the most popular industries that are currently, and continued to recruit, throughout the pandemic.

What are they?

From the adverts, TSN revealed that employers were most likely to ask for auditing skills, nursing and accounting.

The report also found that technical skills were in high demand, from programming and coding to software development, with a rise of 7.3% for those employers searching for technology-based roles. Leadership and management skills also played a crucial role on those looking to recruit.

With over 50,000 nursing vacancies available in the UK, it’s clear that the demands for health and social care workers have only continued to rise during the pandemic, this included those with skills within Mental Health, Primary Care, Rehabilitation, Surgery and more.

Finance departments have also seen a surge in recruitment, according to TSN, with round 60% Chief Financial Officers saying there is a shortage in the UK of financial skills.

Which sectors are recruiting?

Despite the pandemic causing redundancies and many businesses placing some of their staff on furlough, there are industries continuing to thrive within the pandemic due to the skillset still being very much needed throughout the ongoing lockdowns and beyond.

These sectors include; construction, employment law, online retail, digital marketing, technology, online learning and healthcare.

TSN’s Chief executive Mark Dawe said that Covid-19 had resulted in a shift in the types of skills that employers are looking for. “Navigating this difficult economy is about helping people to develop the resilient skills sought by today’s employers,” he said. “These are the skills that learning providers must help students of all ages to acquire, helping them to excel and ultimately secure new or better employment. “

What are the top 10 skills?

  1. Auditing: 228,000
  2. Nursing: 188,000
  3. Accounting: 183,000
  4. Business development: 161,000
  5. Key performance indicators (the ability to work towards and understand KPIs): 160,000
  6. Agile software development: 160,000
  7. Mental health: 148,000
  8. Welfare: 145,000 
  9. Warehousing: 122,000
  10. Selling techniques: 115,00

Whilst these are the top 10 skills most needed by employers, the full report goes into further detail regarding Skills and Employer in 2020. To read the full report, click here

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