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Smart Apprentices Innovative Technology

Smart Apprentices is an award winning, innovative suite of technologies purposely designed for approved training providers delivering apprenticeships and end point assessment organisations.

The new employer levy presents an opportunity for apprenticeship training providers to transform their relationship with employers, by working more closely with your employers to develop their existing workforce and recruit fresh new talent through the apprenticeship standards.

Smart Apprentices have technologies designed to support you every step of the way, recruiting employers, to finding great apprentices who will successfully complete their learning journey which will be paperless and smooth.

The technologies can be used as a seamlessly integrated suite of products or individual technologies within your existing technology eco structure.

2016 was another growth year for Smart Apprentices. We achieved an excellent financial and operational performance maintaining our record of 65% year on years growth, which is delivering significant benefits for our clients, users and employees.  

Smart Apprentices are approved by all of the major awarding organisations, an investor in people, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 security accredited; Smart Apprentices is a strong and stable partner of choice for apprenticeship providers and end point assessment organisations.

Investor In People
Awarding Bodies


The funding apprenticeship software (FAS) is designed as a free tool to help you engage with your levy employers, using FAS you can calculate their levy and profile options of how they can utilise their levy budget with you.  For a small cost you can even personalise the professional proposal with your logo to send to your levy employer.

Not.A.CV Logo

Not.A.CV helps you recruit great apprentices then showcase their personality to employers in a fresh and innovative modern environment.  Not.A.CV has thousands of applicants looking for an apprenticeship.  When you find a list of potential applicants traditional CV’s are so boring and antiquated, its hard to differentiate between each apprentice applicants.

Not any more.

Not A CV is a personal web page with a 30 second ‘why me’ video profile, a word cloud personal statement, qualifications including grades pending, work experience, references, core competencies and the type of sector they are interested in. Recruiting and placing apprentices with employers is easy.


Smart End Point Assessment is the first technology exclusively designed for organisations registered to deliver End Point Assessments. SmartEPA helps them to manage their end point assessments with rigour and efficiency, creating a modern experience both for their apprentice and end point assessor.


Smart Virtual Leaning Environment (SmartVLE) is an online self marking question and answer technology which can be used for any topic you would like to design questions for.

Once your employer chooses an apprentice use SmartVLE to build initial assessments to personalise their apprenticeship learning journey by discovering their knowledge gaps.

Upload your own learning resources to topic assessments and your apprentices will be directed to the relevant resources in which they have knowledge gaps, which means that the will be more engaged with learning what they need to know instead of having to wade through topics they are already comfortable with.  Online learning is personalised for each apprentice and can be consumed when and where its convenient for them.

Maths and English remain a considerable challenge for training providers to deliver dynamically to their apprentices without a grade C or above. To help you meet this challenge SmartVLE is pre-loaded with Functional Skills Maths and English questions and resources.

Smart Assessor

Smart Assessor is the market leader in specialised apprenticeship e-portfolio software capturing evidence of skills knowledge and behaviours. Suitable for frameworks and employer standards during the apprenticeship journey.

Using dynamic dashboards Smart Assessor keeps apprenticeship training providers audit compliant. Learners and employers are more engaged with their learning journey.

Smart Apprentices Product Range

Innovative Technology for Apprentices

Smart Assessor

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Next Generation E-Portfolio Software

Award winning online portfolio for apprentices to work with their assessors and mentors to complete their apprenticeship paper free. Apprentices can evidence their skills, knowledge and behaviours which is electronically reviewed by their assessors and employers. Employer standards track progress through gateways to end point assessment, frameworks tracks unit progression ensuring successful timely completions.

"The apprenticeship marketplace is rapidly changing and Smart Assessor perceive these changes as both a challenge and opportunity."

Thousands of dynamic digital cv’s from people looking for an apprenticeship. Free for candidates to create their digital CV with a low cost search portal for employers and providers to search for these great apprentices. Classroom students can also use the digital CV to showcase themselves to employers in a more dynamic way.

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"No more dull CV's from unsuitable candidates!"

Smart End Point Assessment

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End Point assessment management software designed for organisations registered for end point assessment. Smart End Point Assessment manages every aspect of end point assessments from importing summative portfolios to recording evidence of the end point assessment, managing centre resources, validating competencies of your end point assessors through to standardisation and compliance for external moderation.

"The move to independent end-point assessment at the end of the apprenticeship programme is probably the most important reform in the changes underway for apprenticeships."

FAS.Report – Levy calculator for you to use with your levy employers to profile how they can use their levy funding with you.

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"The funding apprenticeship software is designed as a free tool to help you engage with your levy employers."

Smart Virtual Learning Environment

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Need to test knowledge? Create any knowledge test questions quickly and easily, flag which are the correct responses and SmartVLE will automatically mark the test instantly providing results. Link online resources to test topics to help apprentices learn about the topics they didn’t answer correctly. SmartVLE already has Functional Skills Maths and English initial assessments, diagnostics and resources.

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